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Fizzer :  One who has undergone the initiation ceremony and has been accepted into the ranks of fizzerdom.
Fizzerdom : The legendary organization to which all fizzers pledge their allegiance.
Fizzerland :  The area known in normal tongue as the Maine Rd , extending to the Kellswater Rd and ending at Kellswater Station.
Fizzometer : A mythical device to measure the level of ones fizz, generally graduated up to 10.
Fizz :  The normal level of ambient fizz surrounding a fizzer.
Overfizz : A critically high level of fizz usually exceeding the upper limit of the fizzometer.
Underfizz : Extremely rare phenomenon, registering as a negative value on the fizzometer.
Fizzover : A classical side effect of sustained fizzing.
Fizziple :  A follower of the fizzers, but is in effect a non member.



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